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Re: [tor-talk] tor versus freenet

> > In short: can't we combine these two?
> Others have done it, so it can be done. Others have combined tor and
> tahoe-lafs as well. I'm not sure what you're asking.

Tahoe-lafs is not the same.
Freenet, if I understood it correctly, distributes files in blocks over
multiple nodes, not defined by a configuration but by demand. Also, the
blocks are encrypted. So it is not possible to decrypt the blocks on
your system to find out from what kind of files the blocks are, you can
find a file only by its "filename" (+/-), not the other way around.

> Are you
> throwing the idea out there to see if others agree and can help? Or do
> you have a working config somewhere?

It is not a matter of tunneling a storage system through the tor
networking as then each node has all data un-encrypted and can be
accounted for that he is that data. With freenet you have a bunch of
encrypted data.

I do not a working version nor any sourcecode for it. Only this vague
idea. Also I don't have time to do it (well, maybe in a year or so, but
currently I'm busy with my other toy projects) but maybe it sparks
interest in someone.

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