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Re: [tor-talk] Status reports archive, blog and git?

On 19 December 2012 07:16, <andrew@xxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

> There's a larger plan forming to scrap the current blog and convert it
> to something like jekyll/hakyll with the content served from git. We'd
> like to do this for the entire website, too. The step holding up the
> blog migration is the ability to accept comments. Some of our bloggers
> really enjoy the comments. We don't really want to sign up with some
> Internet-wide commenting system like disqus or intensedebase due to
> privacy concerns over data collection. Until we have a some sort of a
> forum, we're holding off on the blog migration.

It'd require some custom development, but it'd be possible to load comments
via javascript - basically to build your own Disqus.  I do something like
this on my blog.  It grabs the page name/path from the URL, and uses that
as a key to fetch comments out of a database and display them on the page.
  Now the comments are stored elsewhere and the page in git has some
boilerplate javascript to load the comments.  You can even let uses
markdown-style their comments.

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