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[tor-talk] Craigslist blocking Tor... GeoIP?

Any idea when this labeling started? And what percent of all exits
are in this A1 category?
I'm wondering if this is tied to the Craigslist blocking we've noticed
recently (which is turning out to be very extensive, which sucks for us
regular decent users [ahem, craigslist!] ).
They do use Geo tables to redirect you to their nearest city site and
I've seen problems with that redirection in the past until they update.

  o Major features (geoip database):
    - Maxmind began labelling Tor relays as being in country "A1",
      which breaks by-country node selection inside Tor. Now we use a
      script to replace "A1" ("Anonymous Proxy") entries in our geoip
      file with real country codes. This script fixes about 90% of "A1"
      entries automatically and uses manual country code assignments to
      fix the remaining 10%. See src/config/README.geoip for details.
      Fixes bug 6266. Also update to the December 5 2012 Maxmind GeoLite
      Country database, as modified above.

I've bcc'd this note to: blocks-b13559612105206@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx
This is the date of these blocks: Wed Dec 19 18:53:30 EST 2012
I'm hoping they'll step up communications with us and not be a black
hole on this :)
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