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Re: [tor-talk] Roger's status report, Nov 2012

On Wed, Dec 19, 2012 at 02:49:12AM -0800, Mike Perry wrote:
> Thus spake Roger Dingledine (arma@xxxxxxx):
> > Six big things I did in November:
> > 
> > 1) Attended the NSF PI meeting for our new grant (joint with Georgia
> > Tech and Princeton). Met dozens of professors and renewed connections
> > to dozens more. One standout: I met a nice economist who framed our
> > exit relay funding debate as an "if you" vs "now that" game. When you
> > incentivize people with "if you X, I'll Y", they behave differently than
> > when it's "now that you've X, I'll Y".
> Does this theory have a better name?
> Did he describe the phenomenon in any more detail?

I asked for more details, and here's the answer:
Check out Daniel Pink's book titled "drive."  The first one is called
"If-then" reward structure and the other one is called "Now-that" reward
structure. Hope that helps.

Apparently there's a TED talk that is a pretty good stand-in for the book.


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