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Re: [tor-talk] tor mention in newle released snowden documents

++ 30/11/13 22:16 -0500 - andrew@xxxxxxxxxxxxx:
>: See: <http://issuu.com/pimvandendool/docs/document03>. New document,
>: (really) briefly mentioning the efforts of the Dutch intelligence 
>: services identifying Tor-users. Attempts are made by hacking into 
>: servers running fora, obtaining the logfiles, sql-databases, etc, then 
>: combining and analyzing all available data (and hoping a user once 
>: didn't use Tor while accessing the forum).
>From what we can gather, they're talking about hidden services. See

This is not the same. Roger's e-mail is on the efforts of the Dutch 
police, I was mentioning efforts of the Dutch secret services. The Dutch 
secret services are all about national security, not about sexual abuse 
of childeren.

>It's not clear if they are also breaking into non-hidden service sites as well. 

I am pretty sure they do, both. And when they do, they do this, amongst 
other things, in an attempt to identify the users that are using those 
forums via the Tor network. 

If this is an important distinction to any of you of the TP, let me know 
and I'll see what details I can find out (as the document is only 
partially released, there must be more information). 

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