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Re: [tor-talk] TOR peer-to-peer network

> Hi all,
> I am stuck at one point and not able to proceed. I want to establish a
> peer-to-peer TOR network using Stem. I am trying to simulate TOR in VANET.
> I am using CORE emulator (VANET) and Stem tor for the same as both supports
> python scripts.
> As you can see in the attached topology I am wanted to use 4 nodes with
> as client,
> - entry
> 10.0.023 - middle node
> - exit node
>  I am trying to setup a peer-to-peer tor network with these above nodes.
> I am using TOR bridges for the entry and middle nodes. This is working fine
> if I run it outside core whereas when I try to run these bridges inside
> core emulator with those node IP:ports, its failing and TOR circuit is
> timing out. Is there anything I need to run on these nodes like a server or
> something (if yes, need a code for that) to respond to the connecting tor
> client?
> When i use the bridges which i got from the internet, it works. whereas
> when i try to use my own IPs its not working. Please let me know how to
> proceed on this as i am stuck here for a long time. Thanks in advance.
> Thanks and Regards
> Aravindan
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