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Re: [tor-talk] Android browser?

On 12/07/2013 07:59 PM, Mark McCarron wrote:
> I would be wary of Android.  Its is complex to secure given the closed nature of most handsets.

Do you have a mobile OS of choice that you feel is more trustworthy, or
are you referring to smartphones in general?

> Unless manufactures provide the complete source, tools to flash chips, proper docs on chips and devices unlocked, I would never use such device for secure access to Tor.

Do you hold your desktop/laptop computing manufacturers to the same

> Presuming these devices have been designed to be accessible by governments is a wise bet. It probably the real reason behind devices not providing root access or the ability to do custom installs and the various laws to enforce that.

You might be interested in our work documenting and teaching people how
to build as free and secure as possible mobile computing devices on
Android tablets without basebands:

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