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Re: [tor-talk] couponcabin access blocked?

On 12/15/2013 4:26 AM, grarpamp wrote:
Thanks.  I guess a coupon site doesn't want anonymous visitors.  For the
advertising & perhaps because some promos require direct linking from the
coupon site.
Write the site, tell them you can't get to their coupons, which
means less manufacturer support to them.
Write the advertised manufacturers, tell them you can't
by their branded products because you can't get to their
Good idea. If everyone would do the same when they encounter this, it'd probably help a lot - on some sites. Some probably have specific reason for blocking anonymous browsers; some don't care if it doesn't work w/ specific browsers.

For Firefox, I've even had banks say, in so many words, they didn't care / didn't have time to worry if parts of their site didn't work w/ Fx. "Try IE."
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