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Re: [tor-talk] VPS Suggestions for Middle Relay

On 12/18/2013 07:42 PM, David wrote:
It seems as if most VPS services
cringe at the word Tor, and the ones that allow it are either slightly
sketchy looking or somewhat expensive.

I am currently switching to dedicated servers, but if you don't want to allow exits then there is a German provider, Keyweb that offers very cheap virtual servers (if you take them for longer you even cheaper than listed). The nice thing about them is that they are really nice, raising the limits (open file descriptors, etc) for the VPS. Currently I am using the cheapest and between 200 and 300 connections, relay only.

For virtual servers it makes sense to lower the advertised bandwidth, so you lower the connection count, save some file descriptors and RAM.

As I said, it is relay only, cause I am using the server for other things too (having two IP addresses, but still). However when I contacted them some time ago they said they'd forward abuse, giving a chance to react, so you might be able to run an exit relay.

Have been running the relay for a couple of years, together with some typical "home server" stuff. They are extremely cheap when it comes to VPS and what I really enjoyed is how they tracked down a problem I experienced. They managed to find out that the motherboard's timer broke and was the cause of some strange behavior in the virtual machines. They changed it and everything worked again.
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