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[tor-talk] VPS Suggestions for Middle Relay

Hey everyone,

I've been searching around for a few hours now looking for a good VPS
service to host a non-exit relay. It seems as if most VPS services
cringe at the word Tor, and the ones that allow it are either slightly
sketchy looking or somewhat expensive.

In fact, I had one service tell me that the relay would HAVE to be exit,
otherwise they wouldn't be able to monitor the network for malicious
use. Another service just told me that they already have 2-4 relays per
node as is, so it would be pointless (although I feel this may just be
an effort to reduce their bandwidth load).

So I'm looking to spend around $20-$30 dollars a month, and was
wondering if this awesome list had any recommendations?

Online.net has some very cheap unmetered dedicated servers, and I hear
that they're currently changing their policy to allow middle relays, but
I've also heard that they have been terrible in the past with shutting
down relays. Anyone have any comments on this?


PS: I did find the GoodBadISP list, but some of the information seems
out of date.
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