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Re: [tor-talk] VPS Suggestions for Middle Relay

> Hey everyone,
> I've been searching around for a few hours now looking for a good VPS
> service to host a non-exit relay. It seems as if most VPS services
> cringe at the word Tor, and the ones that allow it are either slightly
> sketchy looking or somewhat expensive.
> In fact, I had one service tell me that the relay would HAVE to be
> exit, otherwise they wouldn't be able to monitor the network for
> malicious use. Another service just told me that they already have
> 2-4 relays per node as is, so it would be pointless (although I feel
> this may just be an effort to reduce their bandwidth load).
> So I'm looking to spend around $20-$30 dollars a month, and was
> wondering if this awesome list had any recommendations?

I've been running a bridge in Amazon for quite some time now. Around
$20/month. https://cloud.torproject.org/ makes it very simple.
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