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[tor-talk] Thunderbird bug: Warning to Torbirdy/GMX user


apparently GMX (a freemailer) changed their policies and started to
blacklist/block certain tor exit nodes. They do not try to block all exit
nodes but only certain high bandwidth exits that probably have a higher
"problem" rate than slower exits. Example of blacklisted exit: yahyaoui

If you try to send an email when using a blacklisted exit the following
error will show up in a Thunderbird popup:

An error occurred sending mail: The mail server sent an incorrect
greeting:  gmx.com (mrgmx101) Nemesis ESMTP Service not available
No SMTP service
IP address is black listed..

and although the email will not be delivered the compose window will close
and your email will show up in the sent folder as if it was sent.

This is apparently a long standing Thunderbird bug:


It is important to understand that your message was *NOT* delivered in
such a case - although it shows up in the 'Sent' folder.
Go to the Sent folder and choose "Edit As New..." to try ones more
(ideally after selecting a different exit relay via new identity).

I do not know if this blacklisting affects only SMTP or also POP3.

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