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[tor-talk] DNS Leak Questions


This is not critical for myself. However, it would be for a few
friends/relatives I've been helping out.

Someone mentioned they were running Linux on a virtual machine hosted by
Windows 7.
When they run establish a VPN connection on Windows 7 they have firewall
rules to block DNS leaks.
However, when the Windows 7 host is routing through the VPN and the
Linux VM runs Tor, they believe they are experiencing DNS leaks
using the TBB.

I tried running TBB 3.5 over VPN (Netherlands server) on a Windows 7
machine and went to:

and noticed a slew of name servers (6-14) with the Tor Browser.
Vidalia displayed the circuit was in the US, Germany & Romania
and the name servers were in the US, Sweden, Netherlands and Germany

Using Firefox these sites showed the VPN provider name server
(Netherlands) only.

1) Would this be typical behavior of the Tor Browser? I noticed on

it mentioned:

"Tor's 0.2.0.x series provides a built-in DNS forwarder, obsoleting
TorDNS and dns-proxy-tor".

2) Are the DNS queries going out the Exit Relay only?

I scoped out some info on the TorFAQ


3) I'm not really sure which solution to use (in my case for Windows)?

I'm a newbie in this community and not extremely technical but might be
able to stumble through it
but those end-users are not technical and would need a relatively simple

Any suggestions would be appreciated.

Thanks lot.
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