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Re: [tor-talk] TBB 3.5 and Debian Repo

> I would like to use the Tor broswer along with the tor and tor-arm
> packages from the Debian repo.

I don't really understand why add extra complications and not directly
use the Tor Browser Bundle. Why is preventing you from using the bundled
Tor instance?

You can use tor-arm with the Tor Browser Bundle. Just issue
`arm -i 9151` on a command-line.

> In the past it has been possible to do so by disabling the
> tor-launcher in the start-tor-broswer script, but this no longer
> works.

You should be able to set the environment variable `TOR_SKIP_LAUNCH=1`,

    TOR_SKIP_LAUNCH=1 ./start-tor-browser

> Can someone please explain to me what the base tor package has to do
> with Firefox add-ons and how this would be different between debian
> and the bundle?

Removing or adding add-ons from the Tor Browser might give to your own
browser a specific fingerprint.

> Also, isn't it hypocritical to suggest users run a tor relay from the
> debian package while using the TBB for browsing alongside as well?

Why would it be a problem?

> I seem to recall the project frowning upon Tor over Tor situations in
> the past, but perhaps this has changed.

Running two instances of the tor daemon on one system will not create a
Tor over Tor situation. There's just two distinct tor daemons. One
acting as an âOnion Proxyâ, the other as an âOnion Routerâ.

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