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Re: [tor-talk] Tor and solidarity against online harassment

Scott MacLeod:
> [..] can someone please explain how Tor mitigates, or
> protects against, the kinds of online communications that would/could have
> lead to 9/11?

Hi Scott,

I think that is the wrong question. Online communications isn't what
causes terrorist attacks.

> What's the reasoning and rationale that Tor can prevent
> another hypothetical 9/11, anywhere in the world, if there's no "back door"
> for state surveillance by the US or other nation states' governments (i.e.
> to protect against terrorism/harassment, for example)? In other words, how
> does Tor work, in theory, to protect against terrorism (as harassment or
> against the World Trade Tower tragedy and related?

You shouldn't be looking at 'the internet' and Tor as a means of
stopping terrorism...

Matthew Puckey
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