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Re: [tor-talk] Mirrors now available over Hidden Services

I believe Facebook and Blockchain both used Digicert to issue a .onion cert. If I'm not mistaken Runa has worked with both teams?


On December 14, 2014 8:44:57 PM EST, Thomas White <thomaswhite@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
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>Christian Gagneraud:
>>> We will be seeking to obtain SSL certificates for both mirrors
>> Which CA will you use? [just curious]
>I've messaged Alec from Facebook who was the team leader for their
>hidden service implementation. Hopefully I will get a pointer or some
>advice from him. In lieu of that I will approach each of them and
>state my case, try to build some rapport etc. It probably is not going
>to be a straightforward process and I didn't really expect it to be,
>but if it works then it is one more step of integrating hidden
>services to the masses when major tech bodies begin to recognise their
>legitimacy among regular "clearnet" sites.
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