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Re: [tor-talk] Mirrors now available over Hidden Services

Awesome, thanks for doing this!


Thomas White:
> I'm happy to announce that both my Globe and Atlas mirrors are now
> available as a hidden service for all those who prefer end-to-end
> encryption over Tor!
> Atlas: http://atlas777hhh7mcs7.onion
> Globe: http://globe223ezvh6bps.onion
> Unfortunately due to some issues with Compass we haven't launched that
> one yet, but it will be around shortly :)!
> We will be seeking to obtain SSL certificates for both mirrors
> shortly. In the event the primary sites go down (ie
> globe.torproject.org and atlas.torproject.org) both of these will
> still be available. The backend for both of them are located on my
> mirrors globe.thecthulhu.com and atlas.thecthulhu.com which run their
> own Onionoo instance so remain unaffected by Onionoo outages on the
> primary servers.
> More hidden services projects to follow and if anyone has anything
> else they would like me to mirror or provide a hidden service for then
> just pop me an email!
> Regards,
> -T

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