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Re: [tor-talk] Mirrors now available over Hidden Services

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On 15/12/14 02:14, Thomas White wrote:
> I'm happy to announce that both my Globe and Atlas mirrors are now 
> available as a hidden service for all those who prefer end-to-end 
> encryption over Tor!
> Atlas: http://atlas777hhh7mcs7.onion
> Globe: http://globe223ezvh6bps.onion

Thanks for setting this up!

There's one minor catch though: both sites serve JavaScript that make
your browser fetch additional data from https://onionoo.thecthulhu.com/.

What we should do is create two new Apache configurations for the
hidden-service Atlas and Globe.  Those should not only serve static
content that contains JavaScript but also accept Onionoo requests and
forward them to the local Onionoo process on port 8080.  Then we can
serve modified Atlas and Globe versions that point to themselves for
Onionoo data.  I can imagine that it's also faster to have a single
hidden-service connection open and not create another circuit for the
data part.

I might be able to configure this, but I can't say when.

> Unfortunately due to some issues with Compass we haven't launched
> that one yet, but it will be around shortly :)!

At least Compass won't have the previously described issues, because
it only makes requests to Onionoo once per hour in the background.

All the best,

> We will be seeking to obtain SSL certificates for both mirrors 
> shortly. In the event the primary sites go down (ie 
> globe.torproject.org and atlas.torproject.org) both of these will 
> still be available. The backend for both of them are located on my 
> mirrors globe.thecthulhu.com and atlas.thecthulhu.com which run
> their own Onionoo instance so remain unaffected by Onionoo outages
> on the primary servers.
> More hidden services projects to follow and if anyone has anything 
> else they would like me to mirror or provide a hidden service for
> then just pop me an email!
> Regards, -T

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