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Re: [tor-talk] Trusting in Tor (was: Tor and solidarity against online harassment)

15.12.2014, 21:43 Juan:

I'd like to uncouple this from the thread as it is not about the initial
topic, unfortunately, I think.

>> My point, which you sidestep, is that it's past time for you to
>> produce some evidence for backdoors in Tor. 
> 	Did I ever state "there are backdoors"? No I didn't. You
> 	are asking for evidence to back up something I never said.
> 	On the other hand, what would a backdoor in tor or similar
> 	software look like? I'm guessing there are no 'backdoors' in
> 	tor, only 'bugs'. I think it's called "plausible deniability"
> 	or something like that...

Unfortunately that is true, Tor contains bugs. Probably hidden and hard
to trigger, as I hope unit-test would uncover trivial bugs.

>> are free to inspect the source code, to probe the network as you like
>> with your relays and clients, and to do whatever else you can
>> imagine. Go for it.
> 	Why on earth should I do other people's work? Help the
> 	propaganda efforts of the US government? Please =)

I don't think that it would be helpful if you aren't doing it for the
fun, the fame or whatever else code reviewers reasons are... beside money.

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