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Re: [tor-talk] Thunderbird 31.3 fails to load with Torbirdy 0.1.3 (Windows 7)

Hello sir! :)

> On 12/24/14, RussiaTor@xxxxxxxxxxxx <RussiaTor@xxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

>> For some time (weeks) I haven't been able to use Thunderbird (before
>> v30.*
>> release).
> Could you please fill in some extra information on the ticket? Which
> version worked? What changed, etc? The ticket is the best place to
> collect this information.

Okay, I will more details to the ticket now, thanks.

>> When TorBirdy is installed and enabled Thunderbird won't load, so I have
>> to delete the TorBridy install file to get Thunderbird to load again.
> Does TorBirdy 0.1.2 work? Does a different version of Thunderbird work?
> I'll admit - I haven't actually developed on Windows in many years -
> so you're off in unsupported land as far as I'm concerned. Sukhbir may
> have other comments.

I just tried TorBridy 0.1.2 (https://dist.torproject.org/torbirdy/) and it
works fine with Thunderbird 31.3.0. And I see there few changes for
TorBirdy v0.1.3
so maybe not too hard to figure out (hopefully).

> All the best,
> Jacob

Thanks for this, and thanks for TorBridy, and all the other great work you

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