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Re: [tor-talk] (Slur.io) running over Tor

"I" wrote:

Something to mull

It seems like an amalgamation of the worst ideas to promote whistleblowing. There are just layers of assumptions about whistleblowers that cast them in a bad light for no real reason.

There's a huge difference between "I have critical information about a genocide in <country>, please help me get safe passage out" and "hey this information is worth money." To facilitate money changing hands seems incredibly problematic. Mark my words, if people start using that type of setup for real whistleblowing, someone will go to jail.

There are dozens and dozens of other whistleblower-friendly presses (many running GlobaLeaks). If you have a story to tell, or information that must get out, then work with organizations that care about your security. Don't waste your time or risk your safety with people who don't know what they're doing.


(also is "WikiLeaks II" like Taken 2?)

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