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Re: [tor-talk] (Slur.io) running over Tor

On 12/24/2014 09:02 PM, Griffin Boyce wrote:
> "I" wrote:
>> http://slur.io/
>> Something to mull
>   It seems like an amalgamation of the worst ideas to promote
> whistleblowing.  There are just layers of assumptions about
> whistleblowers that cast them in a bad light for no real reason.

Maybe they're wannabe criminals and/or trolls. Or maybe they're just
unreconstructed anarchists.

But I do like this bit:

| If correctly implemented this platform will have a profound
| and lasting effect on our society.
| An unregulated free market for information would redefine the
| net worth of every person as their material assets would in
| the future be weighed against the market value of their secrets.
| As damaging as Slur can be to individuals it is considerably
| more so for groups

"[C]orrectly implemented" here must include very strong anonymity for
all parties concerned. But given that, perhaps implausibly, the result
could be more equitable compensation for information workers. Consider
that the vast majority of workers are poorly compensated, even those who
handle extremely sensitive information. Extreme examples include
secretaries and paralegals. This could be a huge win for the droids.

>   There's a huge difference between "I have critical information about a
> genocide in <country>, please help me get safe passage out" and "hey
> this information is worth money."  To facilitate money changing hands
> seems incredibly problematic.  Mark my words, if people start using that
> type of setup for real whistleblowing, someone will go to jail.

This arguably isn't about "whistleblowing". It's about eliminating a
disconnect between secrets known and compensation received. More
radically, perhaps it's about undermining the "trust" (in practice,
often just compliance enforced by fear of consequences) that large
organizations depend on (and exploit). All hail Eris ;)

But I do concur that money trails would be incredibly problematic.
Maintaining anything like strong anonymity in moving money to Bitcoins
and vice versa is not at all trivial. And it's especially nontrivial for
individuals without the resources of large organizations.

>   There are dozens and dozens of other whistleblower-friendly presses
> (many running GlobaLeaks).  If you have a story to tell, or information
> that must get out, then work with organizations that care about your
> security.  Don't waste your time or risk your safety with people who
> don't know what they're doing.

Yes, of course. But these folk may have different agendas, methinks.

> best,
> Griffin
> (also is "WikiLeaks II" like Taken 2?)
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