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Re: [tor-talk] (Slur.io) running over Tor

Part Wikileaks, part TMZ, Slur.io positions whistleblowing outside of
the public interest. A marketplace where the highest bidder takes all
creates an explicit profit motive.

I really hope it's a joke or something.


On 12/25/14 10:22 AM, Akater wrote:
>> There's a huge difference between "I have critical information
>> about a genocide in <country>, please help me get safe passage
>> out" and "hey this information is worth money."
> Getting and publishing critical information is risky. It's perfectly
> reasonable to seek for a reward. Damn, even publishing information
> that you have certain information to publish could be risky enough.
> I'd prefer Snowden got paid lots of money for what he did, rather than
> him finding an asylum in an authoritarian state.
> Also, arguing that activity X is OK but doing X for money is not, is
> so worn-out. The most popular cases for X are of course “having sex”
> and “(not) sharing information”. However good or bad is anyone at X,
> chances are, they'd be much better at it if got paid accordingly.

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