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Re: [tor-talk] All I Want For X-mas: TorPhone

spencerone@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx writes:

> Ideally it would run an open OS tied to an open organization and
> come with nothing installed on it except for a mobile version of
> TorBrowser. The best example I can think of now is a forked version
> of Android with Orweb/bot installed.  Other applications could be
> installed at the discretion of the human, like F-Droid and whatnot,
> presuming they meet the security ethics of the network.

There might already be a tablet out there somewhere that's suitable
for conversion to meet some of these suggestions (since there have been
plenty of them with no GSM interface at all).  One thing to investigate
is whether the wifi MAC address can be changed and how persistent the
changes are.

I'm also wondering if some of the Tor developers could give an update
on the issue about identifying people from their guard node selection
as they roam from one network to another.  Was that a motivation for
the decision to reduce the number of guard nodes, and has that change
happened yet?  Does someone have an estimate of the anonymity set size
if you notice that a mobile Tor user is using a particular guard node?

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