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[tor-talk] All I Want For X-mas: TorPhone

Hello everybody,

With all of the great development happening around the Tor network this holiday season, it seems fitting to ask for something that would help me out tremendously: TorPhone.

We have a great back-end network, a sweet browser for most platforms [f/iOS & WP], and a kick-ass portable OS, just to name a few. However, these do not necessarily meet my needs, and I presume the needs of many others, when on the road, which I am always on.

I propose, and please point me in the correct direction if I am overlooking something that already exists, a bare-bones WiFi-only mobile device.

Ideally it would run an open OS tied to an open organization and come with nothing installed on it except for a mobile version of TorBrowser. The best example I can think of now is a forked version of Android with Orweb/bot installed. Other applications could be installed at the discretion of the human, like F-Droid and whatnot, presuming they meet the security ethics of the network.

I could take most any Android device and only use WiFi but most offerings are through a cellular service provider on a WiFi-only SIM. I could also just avoid using a cellular SIM altogether but the devices still come preloaded with all kinds of stuff that do things I don't want them to, like tracking and reporting, most of which can only be disabled, not uninstalled, at least not by me. I could also throw an Android alternative on it but in most cases that requires entering into a contract with the manufacturer regarding the now unlocked bootloader, let alone the learning curve of actually doing so. And I could get a device that comes without a locked bootloader like a Jolla running Sailfish or a OnePlus running CyanogenMod, though they are also quite tied to either a manufacturer or a provider, or both. If Android isn't the best option, what is?

Knowing very little about compiling or securing software, like most people, this out of the box experience seems quite valuable.

If this is a reasonable request, and if this is the right place to make such a request, I am all aboard with assisting development in anyway that I can; form development, mechanical engineering, interface, experience, packaging, whatever...I just want to see a truly usable mobile device in my hand, and the hands of others.

Any thoughts?

Happy Holidays!


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