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Re: [tor-talk] All I Want For X-mas: TorPhone

spencerone@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx said:
> With all of the great development happening around the Tor network
> this holiday season, it seems fitting to ask for something that
> would help me out tremendously: TorPhone.
> I propose, and please point me in the correct direction if I am
> overlooking something that already exists, a bare-bones WiFi-only
> mobile device.

Did you see the Tor Blog post Mission Impossible: Hardening Android for 
Security and Privacy?


Perhaps Mike Perry, or others who have tried it, can let us know how the 
project is progressing?  

The last comment was posted back in August and the updated blog doesn't 
show when it was last updated. It would be nice if the changelog showed 
some dates.

And a related question, how does one tunnel UDP through TCP or Tor?

And all I wanted for Xmas was a Tor Tshirt... My relay node has made the 
500KBs avg for two months and I was hoping I would have heard something 
about the Tshirt being on it's way... 423.44 kB/s avg for three months 
and by my simple calculation 333 kBs (500x3/2) should have averaged 500 kBs 
for two months, or am I being too numerate? 

Happy New Year!

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