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Re: [tor-talk] All I Want For X-mas: TorPhone

On Fri, Dec 26, 2014, at 07:01 PM, Chuck Peters wrote:
> spencerone@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx said:
> > 
> > With all of the great development happening around the Tor network
> > this holiday season, it seems fitting to ask for something that
> > would help me out tremendously: TorPhone.
> > 
> > I propose, and please point me in the correct direction if I am
> > overlooking something that already exists, a bare-bones WiFi-only
> > mobile device.
> Did you see the Tor Blog post Mission Impossible: Hardening Android for 
> Security and Privacy?
> https://blog.torproject.org/blog/mission-impossible-hardening-android-security-and-privacy
> Perhaps Mike Perry, or others who have tried it, can let us know how the 
> project is progressing?  

Orwall is an attempt to automate the firewall configuration Mike covered
in his blog, and to improve open (and replace) Orbot's transparent
proxying features: https://github.com/EthACKdotOrg/orWall

There is also someone else (I can't find the link right now), working on
automating all of the core system changes in the post through a
flashable updater on top of AOSP or Cyanogen. This is an effort that I
will be focusing on supporting more in 2015.

Built on that is our longer term concept of a TAILS-like mobile system
called Tomy, that can utilize bootable USB drives with Android phones
and tablets:

> The last comment was posted back in August and the updated blog doesn't 
> show when it was last updated. It would be nice if the changelog showed 
> some dates.
> And a related question, how does one tunnel UDP through TCP or Tor?

tun2socks and the udp-gw component it includes:

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