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[tor-talk] All I Want For X-mas: TorPhone


Though a tablet could work, I am more for a more pocket-sized mobile device. Also, Seth, thanks for the more in-depth concern regarding the WiFi MAC address and guard nodes, however, though I am all for people knowing how their devices work and why, the details of that kind of stuff is a bit over my head, even if I know what they are.

The Blackphone and the Jolla are definitely not all they are cracked up to be, but I was unaware of the Open Handset Alliance terms. It doesn't, from my perspective, break the ecosystem of Android applications, just Google's, which are broken by design; no loss there. But if the API is tied to Google applications and not to Android applications, I can see the issue.

Ubuntu is also broken, in that you need to be a developer/engineer to do much of anything, at least that has been my experience, as well as the experience of other [Mac] users, with 13.x. Though ditching the Oracle stuff seems like a plus. But do people have absolute control, or is it mitigated by providers/manufacturers?

Replicant, though still Android, could be an option since some devices are now supporting WiFi, though they are mostly Samsung and Google :( Though there is still that huge laborious learning curve. Where does this fit into the OHA terms? I know Cyanogen is all Googled up. Thanks, Alexis, for the insight.

Definitely a need for TorPhone.

***Side note:
Sorry if my title caused some issues.


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