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[tor-talk] Running a Tor node on a Rasberry Pi

I've been very interested recently with this idea of running a Tor
server on one of these.A Raspberry Pi is a great little computer, and
cheap as well, going for only around $40 for a Model B with a micro
usb power cable and a micro sd card.With its low power draw and size,
it has great potential for an unobtrusive Tor server you can simply
keep in a cabinet or a small dyi case.I would love to be able to use
it to run a Tor relay or exit node. However, I'm not as able with
compiling and scripting as many of you, so I cannot easily do this.
I would like to be able to have a distribution that could run on one
of these RPi's. That would entail a very low usage of resources and
compatible with an ARM processor.It wouldn't need any services or
processes such as web browsing or even a GUI (but it would be handy
for debugging).SSH would be wonderful so one could control it from
their desktop (or even phone!)I would simply like to be able to image
the distro onto a micro sd card, plug it into the RPi, and boot
it.And, without any further user action, the RPi would start the Tor
Now I understand there is already some packages already that do some
of these.
Tor-ramdisk (http://opensource.dyc.edu/tor-ramdisk) is a nice little
Tor server that live-boots into RAM. However, I believe it requires
some user interaction to set up on boot.Also, there aren't any
versions that work with ARM processor architecture. I've emailed the
creator and talked with him about porting it to ARM and I believe he
is working on it.
I recently just heard about the Cipollini project
(https://github.com/gordon-morehouse/cipollini).This build seems to be
more of what I'm looking for, but I haven't exactly figured out how to
use it.Its also currently in the pre-alpha stages.
Can anyone give me any help/tips/comments/feedback on resources or
ideas or such?I would greatly appreciate it.
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