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[tor-talk] All I Want For X-mas: TorPhone

Arxaios, I think you may be confusing cannot with should not. Though, regarding TorPhone, it is established that WiFi and cellular antenna connections as a means of communication are by nature able to track people, as that seems to be how they work. However, I do not think that implies that we should give up.

Though they would still share your location, encrypted or not, we could put hardware switches on TorPhone, allowing people to physically disable their WiFi and cellular antennas as easily as adjusting the audio volume. This could also apply to other things, like non-removable batteries, as a way of ensuring that no connections can be made. Even just a network filter would assist people in limiting, or cutting off completely, network connections, especially those which share location data.

And, regarding your "first rule" of back doors and open systems as a safety, rules are meant to be broken :)

Nathan, thanks! I am familiar with Orwall, though configuring applications to route traffic through Orbot isn't a walk in the park for most people, since their is a warning about using non-tor configured applications on the site. Many people don't even understand what root access is, let alone be able to achieve it. Tomy sounds cool. Though, from what I can read, it has a ways to go. Also, there is the limitation for many people of not understanding having a second partition/OS on their device. If it came pre-installed and could be switched over to at will with a gesture or two, then that could be super cool and easy to manage.

Giovanni, Janus sounds great, but very esoteric and a lot to learn, at least for most people.

We'll see what the new year brings.



Arxaios haris at arxaios.net said:

I know this because I am a Greek , but you cannot mix Greek Letters
which obviously you do not have a clue what they mean, with English
words. Ether you write full words in Greek or in English , and do not
mix BECAUSE THEY DO NOT MIX TOGETHER. The Greek language is the most
encrypted language in the word with millions of combinations and
meanings .! Not my words only , but a lot of programmers + developers in
various computer companies.

Anyway ..about tor phone now... Do YOU really believe that there is an
anonymity in the tor network?? because if you think so , then you are
mistaken badly. Everything and I mean EVERYTHING are monitored by the
people behind the "scenes" as I call them. All the phone calls , emails
and every information is monitored by the "SYSTEM" and of course they
file you , knowing everything about you. They will never let anything
like tor-phone unattached no matter what encryption it will use.

If you do not believe the above , then ask yourself this simple question
: The people who will design the encrypted protocols will also leave
some "back doors" open as a safety. The first rule is not to build
something "closed" because if something goes wrong you will not have
access to it to fix it. Simple as that. So the big question is : how
safe do you think you are??"



Nathan Freitas nathan at freitas.net said:

Orwall is an attempt to automate the firewall configuration Mike covered
in his blog, and to improve open (and replace) Orbot's transparent
proxying features: https://github.com/EthACKdotOrg/orWall

There is also someone else (I can't find the link right now), working on
automating all of the core system changes in the post through a
flashable updater on top of AOSP or Cyanogen. This is an effort that I
will be focusing on supporting more in 2015.

Built on that is our longer term concept of a TAILS-like mobile system
called Tomy, that can utilize bootable USB drives with Android phones
and tablets:


Giovanni Pellerano giovanni.pellerano at evilaliv3.org said:

yep, eventually it could be implemented a trick that vecna used in
SniffJoke and i reimplemented some years ago in Janus:

this way nathan things can be done really more in a transparent way.

fqrouter used it on android phones with success in past reimplementing
janus concepy in python: https://gist.github.com/fqrouter/5083321

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