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Re: [tor-talk] 3347 "lizardNSA" Relays on google cloud.

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It is dangerous. I've run a cluster of exits for a long time and
people like myself and Moritz know the dangers of reducing the
diversity pool. Adding even a gigabit of exits to a single AS right
now is dangerous and I've consulted arma on the topic before who
agreed. Beyond 25% of the network is dangerous and higher than that
could cause serious anonymity implications.

As a correction too, you do not control 90% of the exit BW, you have a
potential of approximately that. If, what I only really described as a
Sybil attack continues (I can't judge if it is  malicious as there is
no evidence of that to my knowledge), it will harm the Tor network and
it does run the risk of getting a BadExit flag.

Also, if you want to contribute to Tor you are welcome to ask what to
do. Coming in, firing up huge B/W potential exits without blocking
certain ports and then associating it as a positive sign is to
misunderstand why the network is secure and can be very detrimental to
our cause. We can cope with double the bandwidth before those nodes
came online and we can certainly scale - me and Moritz, as well as
other groups who work on Tor in various ways do have plans should this
ever be required even on short notice.

By the way, I am not going to say exactly what it is on the mailing
list, but you've had an opsec facepalm on those relays and it can't be
removed once submitted to Onionoo and the other metric systems, but at
this point I imagine the FBI have already got a clone of all that data
anyway. As most of you are based in the US, you are already fucked so
you better get cleaning those hard drives and lawyer up buddy. The
tough persona doesn't work for "hacking" groups.

Journalists - use private emails please, this list isn't open game for
your requests and if you are asking for a Skype interview, you need to
go back to journalism 101 on protecting your sources.

- -T

> Why? I assure you, our exits are just fine. What's with people
> responding so negatively to us donating 360Gbit/s of exit BW?
>> On 2014-12-26 11:43, Justaguy wrote:
>>> what should happen to these all
>> Slap 'em all with BadExit flags? -- tor-talk mailing list -
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