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Re: [tor-talk] Tor is now released!

31.12.2014, 19:27 Nick Mathewson:

Happy New Year to everyone.

Some stuff could have been called "Minor changes" to silence people that
grep for "bugfix" and count the occurrences, although there were no bugs
fixed, just changes.

I'm not complaining about the use of "nonexistent port", although it
sounded strange to me.

Since I have nothing else to add or complain about I'd like to point to
two mistakes.

>     - When we fail to a retrieve hidden service descriptor, send the
>       controller an "HS_DESC FAILED" controller event. Implements
>       feature 13212.

s/a retrieve/retrieve a

>     - Clear all memory targetted by tor_addr_{to,from}_sockaddr(), not
>       just the part that's used. This makes it harder for data leak bugs
>       to occur in the event of other programming failures. Resolves
>       ticket 14041.


I'm not using "s" at all, but even if it is wrongly used, you hopefully
get what the intention was.

Best Wishes for if($current_year=2014;2015;$current_year)
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