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Re: [tor-talk] Giving Hidden Services some love

Trigger warning: This entire reply is going to be shameless (though
non-profit) self-promotion.

The current state of diversity in Onion Land is disappointing. So many of
the sites still online emphasize things like drugs, porn, and hacking. I
think everyone would benefit from a wider swath of the population getting
involved in hosting hidden services.

Consequently, I'm specing out a FLOSS desktop self-publishing software
using node-webkit and Tor (set up to use Hidden Services).

Some of the ideas I have already include:

* Simple integration with an Onionimbus provider.
* Namecoin integration

If anyone's interested, I'll set up a repo in the AM.

On Wed, Dec 31, 2014 at 8:44 PM, Thomas White <thomaswhite@xxxxxxxxxx>

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> As per Nick's post, I fully agree that hidden services do need some
> work, but I imagine the vast majority of people on this list are not
> skilled in the languages and areas required to do any kind of
> technical reform to them. However, technical reform of them is only
> one aspect.
> I've been launching a few of my own hidden services recently with some
> useful things such as Tor project mirrors, as well as my own
> client-side encrypted file host/sync which I've currently got in
> private beta (email me privately if you want to give it a test drive).
> In order to make hidden services a bigger priority and to potentially
> attract more funding from sponsors to Tor Project, I think we as a
> community need to make better use of them. They are end to end
> encryption, thus have held up very well against nation state attackers
> like the NSA and GCHQ, and they do not require exits and that makes
> use of the underutilised capacity of the non-exit relays in the network.
> If anyone has any thoughts on what they would like to see as a hidden
> service, I am all ears to suggestion. Whether you can build it or not
> (so yeah, even if it is just an idea throw it at me) I'd love to know
> what you want to see in hidden services.
> One of the primary ideas in the works right now for myself is a shared
> host environment which I and a few others are experimenting with ideas
> for, but the premise is each person would be assigned a small virtual
> machine and they could host Wordpress blogs for example, or whatever
> else that would make people more comfortable using hidden services.
> So to conclude - if you've got ideas, I'd love to hear them!
> Happy new year all,
> T
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