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[tor-talk] regression in torproxy 2.7.4?

I have a webservice that runs as a tor hidden service.  The client connects
to torproxy using a random socks4 username (which results in fresh circuit)
and sends a short string to the server.  The server sends a response from a
few bytes to a few kilobytes in size, then gracefully closes the
connection.  This is roughly equivalent to accessing a website with
"keep-alive" turned off.

This ran like a champ under torproxy 2.6.10.  It could run it for days with
no unexpected behavior.

With torproxy 2.7.4 however, the client is seeing a partial response
roughly every 1000 requests.  Sometimes it looks to the client like the
server closed the connection without sending any data, and sometimes it
looks like only half the data gets there (which might be roughly 500 bytes
or one cell worth, although I haven't measured it exactly).

I'm not sure what to make of this.  Any network protocol has the potential
for transmission errors and the client and server should be able to handle
them, but I'm still wondering if 2.7.4 might have a regression that
sometimes leads it to not forward all pending data before a connection is
gracefully closed.

If I back off to 2.6.10, I still see these partial responses although less
frequently.  That could be because routers in the circuit are running
2.7.4.  Or maybe I just got lucky before with 2.6.10 and it had the
potential for the same behavior but I just never saw it.

Is anyone else seeing partial page loads or similar behavior with 2.7.4?
Any other thoughts on what I'm seeing?

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