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Re: [tor-talk] Hello I have a few question about tor network

Alexandre Guillioud writes:

> " That's definitely an improvement, although there's an issue in the long
> run that the crypto in HTTPS is getting better faster than the crypto
> in Tor's hidden services implementation. :-) "
> I don't understand why you are saying that this is an 'issue'.
> If one of the crypto tech is getting better, the tor stack will be improved
> in its whole, isn't it ?

It's also a question of practical deployment: it should be improved
eventually with new Tor protocol versions, but I don't believe that it
has been yet (although I'd love for the Tor developers to correct me on
this point).

> Moreover, i've read that some 'ssl authoritie' is now allowing registration
> of .onion domains.

Yes, Digicert is offering them.


But as you can see from their page, they only offer EV certificates,
which involve verifying the legal identity of an organization.  So the
certificates aren't available for onion sites that are operated by
individuals or that are operated by anonymous people or organizations.
Right now, probably most onion sites wouldn't be able to get a certificate
for their sites because of these restrictions.  (I'm grateful to Digicert
for their work on this -- the restrictions aren't their fault!)

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