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Re: [tor-talk] Will Quantum computing be the end of Tor and all Privacy?

Hello Torusers,

may i join your discussion with my minimal understanding of that matter about quantum computer and encryption.
There are two runs to evolve "computing": the quantum net and the brain net.
Once you have one quantum computer you have a cloud of them, a quantum network. The disadvantage for the quantum computing for now is you have to program that thing for each task and its documentation. If you want to use the time of today's quantum computer you have to document each step of your program, like an audit before using, to be sure you can use the quantum computer after loaning.

The brain net already exists and is to evolve. They connected up to three brains of apes to let them solve a problem one ape couldn't do on its own. 
First they connected rat brains:

"Received:    03 March 2015"

Then they connected nonhuman primate brains:
"Received:    11 March 2015"

In Davos "neuroscientists" discuss the usage of brains and thoughts e. g. in courtrooms:

"Davos 2016 - What If: Your Brain Confesses? "

I want to put your eyes and especially ears to these words:


There is up to date no law besides basic human rights (ha ha e. g. Guantanmo, CIA torture report else) that prevents them to steal your thoughts, there is no legal protection. Assuming they are able to do "read someones mind" even in the future. And keep that in mind when you do trade agreements like TiSA, TTIP, TPP or else. When they trade thoughts which could not be protected by (actual) copyrights because they did not need to be "human thoughts". And don't let them push it into the conspiracy area to let them have more time before the protective law exists.

Considering the encryption to these high advanced new networks. If they want to read your thoughts you can litteraly "stonewall" them thinking of a "stonewall" even if they say don't think about [color] [animal]. But what do you do with encryption against quantum computers? That is tricky.
When you shuffle cards or words or dices to en/decrypt. Someone else could shuffle them, too. The same way. There is always someone who is more advanced with the hands or knows the trick being in the same "magic circle" while magicians only tell the trick to other magicians.
But there was a film with a nice hint:

"The final "hack your own brain" sequence has also been similarly edited with the inclusion of altered dialogue."

The encryption of a file was made by pictures. I think there where three pictures as decryption code in a certain order. Well, what if you shuffle up to all pictures stored at e. g. facebook into your encryption? Storage isn't the problem but reading/writing speed is. Have you ever opened a random file with an editor which was not meant for properly reading the file. If you are lucky you could read some words around all these chars. You could just start to send a picture or a stego pic in a pic or a vid in a vid to advance the encryption. Or you just need a certain pixel (or rendering) within a pic made with a really hightech cam.

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