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[tor-talk] tor phone: Nexus 5X remains black after reboot


copperheados user here.

(https://github.com/mikeperry-tor/mission-improbable suggests to join #copperhead but that seems to be impossible via tor so I try go get help here via email)

I was running copperhead os on my Nexus 5X so I wanted to give the tor phone prototype a try.

I did run 
./run_all.sh bullhead-nmf26q

and everything runs through until the point where it says:

"Please reboot phone into system. If you installed gapps, it will keep crashing until you give Google Play Services the location and storage permissions. ..."

(at the end of flash-signed.sh)

It takes a while to boot (the usual Copperhead OS splash screen) and then the screen remains black.

When I hold the power button I get to see the usual options:

Power off

and at the bottom of the screen the 3 soft buttons 
[back] [home] [ ]
but the rest remains black.

used version:
(this version did run fine when used without the tor phone scripts)

Is this a known problem? Is there a workaround?

thanks for creating the tor phone prototype, looking forward to use it!
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