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Re: [tor-talk] Intel ME / AMT + NSL vs Tor Nodes

On Sat, 17 Dec 2016 21:48:51 -0000
"podmo" <podmo@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

> It cannot be used to access all your data remotely. That
> only works if you have all AMT features enabled, and you have a special
> device called a BMC card plugged into your computer and connected to the
> network.

The whole point of Intel AMT is that you CAN manage your computer remotely
without it having a separate BMC plugged in (e.g. see [1]). AMT itself is in
effect an integrated BMC by its own. After that the entire "well-written,
rational response" falls apart, the author clearly has not even a single clue
of what he's trying to talk about.


With respect,
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