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Re: [tor-talk] Mirai Botnet Relocates To Onions

There is alot of botnets that run over Tor , there is alot of assholes. 

But if You can identify THE malware You can pretty easy find the source code and then THE default cred to shut it down. 

grarpamp <grarpamp@xxxxxxxxx> skrev: (18 december 2016 06:11:17 CET)
>"Following a failed takedown attempt, changes made to the Mirai
>malware variant responsible for building one of today's biggest
>botnets of IoT devices will make it incredibly harder for authorities
>and security firms to shut it down," reports Bleeping Computer.
>Level3 and others" have been very close to taking down one of the
>biggest Mirai botnets around, the same one that attempted to knock the
>Internet offline in Liberia, and also hijacked 900,000 routers from
>German ISP Deutsche Telekom.The botnet narrowly escaped due to the
>fact that its maintainer, a hacker known as BestBuy, had implemented a
>domain-generation algorithm to generate random domain names where he
>hosted his servers.
>Currently, to avoid further takedown attempts from similar security
>firms, BestBuy has started moving the botnet's command and control
>servers to Tor. "It's all good now. We don't need to pay thousands to
>ISPs and hosting. All we need is one strong server," the hacker said.
>"Try to shut down .onion 'domains' over Tor," he boasted, knowing that
>nobody can.
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