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Re: [tor-talk] privacy of hidden services

There are researchers who monitor the HSDir to keep some stats on what goes Up and what goes down, general server security is A Good start. You can password protect alot. And restrict alot, then dissallow usr agents and so on

Allen <allenpmd@xxxxxxxxx> skrev: (21 december 2016 18:59:59 CET)
>I have a question about the privacy of hidden services.  Let's say I
>create a tor hidden service and privately send the onion address to
>only two other people.  Would anyone outside of myself and those two
>people be able to determine the onion address or monitor activity
>related to the hidden service such as HS descriptor uploads and
>downloads from directory servers, or connection attempts via
>introduction or rendezvous points?  Would it make a difference if the
>hidden service used basic or stealth authorization?  I wasn't able to
>figure out the answers to these questions from reading the rend-spec.
>Thanks much!
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