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[tor-talk] NoScript problems after TBB 6.08 update

After 6.08 TBB (Win) update, anyone had problems w/ NoScript not showing any detected domains in the status icon list ? It doesn't show the current site's or *most* 3rd party domains in the status list.

It does show the current site's domain under "Untrusted" selection in the list (as "mark Example.com as untrusted"). It may show some 3rd party domains under Untrusted (but not MARKED as untrusted), that don't show in the main list. No, scripts aren't allowed globally & that about:config pref confirms that setting. Even if scripts were globally allowed, detected sites would still show up as allowed in the status list.

I uninstalled / reinstalled NS - no change. If no one's seen this problem, I'll delete the TBB folder & do a fresh install.
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