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Re: [tor-talk] NoScript problems after TBB 6.08 update

Never mind. The last NoScript update included in TBB 6.08 over rode some of my settings. It changed the option "Allow HTTPS scripts globally on https documents" from unchecked to checked.

Normally, updating addons in Firefox doesn't change previous users' custom settings. Nor does updating Firefox change users' previous custom settings.

I had probably already updated NS to before TBB 6.08 came out and that setting wasn't enabled. A BU of NS settings before TBB 6.08 confirmed this. I suppose we have to export settings for all addons *included* in TBB, before upgrading TBB. Then restore each addon's backed up settings - if they have that option.

Caveat to this - there may be new or modified options in TBB included addons, where restoring settings from previous addon versions may mess things up. The other choice (like here) after every TBB update is, spend hrs going thru every option page of every included addon - verify every setting - until you find the change that's causing you issues. I don't have time for that.

In this case, when it enables "Allow HTTPS scripts globally..." it allows every 3rd party script known to man. Even ones with bad reps, if they're on an HTTPS site - with or w/o a site's permission or knowledge. (sites never get hacked)

On 12/18/2016 1:54 PM, Joe Btfsplk wrote:
After 6.08 TBB (Win) update, anyone had problems w/ NoScript not showing
any detected domains in the status icon list ?
It doesn't show the current site's or *most* 3rd party domains in the
status list.

It does show the current site's domain under "Untrusted" selection in
the list (as "mark Example.com as untrusted").
It may show some 3rd party domains under Untrusted (but not MARKED as
untrusted), that don't show in the main list.
No, scripts aren't allowed globally & that about:config pref confirms
that setting.  Even if scripts were globally allowed, detected sites
would still show up as allowed in the status list.

I uninstalled / reinstalled NS - no change.  If no one's seen this
problem, I'll delete the TBB folder & do a fresh install.

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