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Re: [tor-talk] Intel ME / AMT + NSL vs Tor Nodes

On 12/19/2016 5:05 PM, Roman Mamedov wrote:
On Mon, 19 Dec 2016 18:20:41 -0000
"podmo" <podmo@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

I could ...turn AMT off entirely.
Unfortunately that's only what it wants you to believe. With the capabilities
it has, and with its code being entirely closed source and unaudited, for a
truly secure system you can't rely on this "Okay I'm now turned off!"

Can't rely on "not using the on-board NIC" as suggested above either; it's
still a separate computer in your CPU, running proprietary code, and having
full read/write access to your RAM. It can mess with your apps, OS and
security in all sorts of interesting ways, and you can NOT be absolutely
certain that it doesn't.

You may be correct - or could be partly / totally wrong, as well. Do we have enough info to know who's right or wrong & what capabilities it absolutely has?
Unless there's official, credible papers that no one mentioned.

If it's as bad as some say, question is, what will smaller, poorer, less technical countries do?
Let all their secrets become an open book?
What will users do? If half of the claims are true, this is beyond 1984 - Big Brother. Once inexpensive gov't technology is developed (not requiring $millions to abuse), it's often obtained by criminal element or insane dictators.
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