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Re: [tor-talk] privacy of hidden services

Limit access for unwanted registerd like he says have A page and use /jdjenwlsishdjshdysoalwjdbebs instead of /login 

Allen <allenpmd@xxxxxxxxx> skrev: (21 december 2016 20:57:47 CET)
>> So yes, ideally encrypt your Introduction Points (basic) and
>> identity keys (stealth) [this also encrypts sets of IPs].
>> use random slugs in URLs as OnionShare does (if you're doing web).
>ok, I'm not sure I completely understand.  If my HS uses stealth auth,
>what data remains in the clear?  Is the HS descriptor on the HS dirs
>stored using a persistent identifier, or does the identifier change
>every 24 hours?  Are there any persistent identifiers that can be
>observed on the network to track usage of the HS?  Thanks much.
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