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[tor-talk] How hard would it be to copy an onion address?

There's a program out there that utilizes the GPU in your system to create a 
custom, kind of, onion address. At least the few first characters at the 
beginning of the address. So you can create an onion address like 
googleja6vbnyma6.onion. I've seen people being able to create a 7 character 
long custom name at the beginning of their addresses.

I guess this program creates loads of onion addresses, with the help of the 
GPU, and stops when it accidentally gets the "name" that you want.
Is that correct?

Anyway. The GPU's are just getting stronger these days! And people can have 
quad-SLI too, with 4 hardcore GPU's working in unison. Like 4 x TitanX.
So how hard would it be, more like how LONG would it take, to duplicate an 
onion address with the video cards that are available to the consumers today?
Not to mention Intel (and soon to be AMD) server CPU's with tons of cores in them.

Question 2: Will the next generation hidden services get longer onion names?
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