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[tor-talk] Fwd: [guardian-dev] Orbot v16.0.0 alpha 1 is up

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Subject: [guardian-dev] Orbot v16.0.0 alpha 1 is up
Date: Wed, 13 Dec 2017 16:01:21 -0500
From: Nathan of Guardian <nathan@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Organization: Guardian Project
To: guardian-dev@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Greetings from the Mozilla All-Hands dev meeting in Austin, TX. I always
enjoy coming to these because it makes me focus on Orbot and Orfox for a
few days, thus the updates to Orfox and now Orbot I am posting.

I've tagged and posted an early build of the next big Orbot update:


The focus on the v16 update is to make using the VPN feature easier and
more obvious, as well as helping people use and discover bridges. We
will be incorporating work from the new Onion Browser v2 onboarding
experience, and trying to incorporate best practices from popular VPN
apps, as well.

Other than the new UI, the big difference is that Orbot now incorporate
the tor binaries through a Gradle dependency. This build is updated to
the latest Tor release.


repositories {
        maven { url
"https://raw.githubusercontent.com/guardianproject/gpmaven/master"; }

and then add the dependency, setting it to the latest version (or any
version) we have made available, as a release:

dependencies {
    compile 'org.torproject:tor-android-binary:'

Thanks for any help or feedback!

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