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[tor-talk] What keys does Tor use in client mode


According to


Lines 4700 - 4710:

/* The interface changed.  We're a client, so we need to regenerate our
     * keys.  First, reset the state. */
    log_notice(LD_NET, "Our IP address has changed.  Rotating keys...");
    tor_addr_copy(*last_interface_ip_ptr, &iface_addr);
    SMARTLIST_FOREACH(outgoing_addrs, tor_addr_t*, a_ptr, tor_free(a_ptr));
    smartlist_add(outgoing_addrs, tor_memdup(&out_addr,
    /* We'll need to resolve ourselves again. */
    /* Okay, now change our keys. */

What kind of keys does Tor use in client mode, and why are they rotating
when an interface changes, or the IP address of an interface? How are
they related to the interface or IP address?

Asking if there is something more I should know here, wrt this. I was
unaware of any keys used in client mode.


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