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Re: [tor-talk] Tor official list of new .onion addresses?

On Tue, Dec 04, 2018 at 04:14:46PM +0000, iwanlegit@xxxxxxx wrote:
> The descriptors seem to indicate onion addresses. So if I act a relay, I
> seem to be able to get the addresses. Then how? ... Could someone skilled
> try to get the lists? :D

Please don't.

In particular, if we notice that your relay is enumerating onion addresses
that it learns about, we will kick your relay out of the network.

That's because it's a known protocol bug with the old v2 onion service
design, and so we consider exploiting the bug to be a form of attacking
the network.

For a more detailed explanation, check out minutes 30-37 of
and you can follow along with slide 32 of

Or from yet another angle, if you're running a relay with the goal of
learning stuff about users, rather than the goal of providing safe
relaying for users, then I wonder what else you're willing to attack
or undermine rather than protect.

And if you're not forthcoming about your goals and why they're safe
enough, I worry that you're not a positive contributor to our community:

Hope this helps,

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