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Re: [tor-talk] comparison of Tor and Kovri in regards to deanonymization attacks

I2P and Tor comparison:


Kovri and I2Pd C++ bloody war:


I2P by design safer than Tor. but due to the usage and rapid development
of Tor , I2P left behind many steps which needs long time to catch up or
sudden magic stick effect.

I would summaries the success of Tor over I2P with these points:

- Tor is way faster than I2P in the few past years (because I2P support
torrenting , so the speed is slow).

- Due to the slow speed of I2P , its very unlikely you can stream or do
heavy connections on the clearnet. Tor you can do it with even up to 1MB

- I2P meant to be for inproxy which is in other word it wont target/suit
the average user. Tor is suiting the average users due to its high speed
bandwidth and its ease interacting with the outproxy/clearnet.

- Tor has a modified browser which is a fork of firefox-esr called Tor
Browser Bundle which is easy to click and run with Tor. I2P until now
there is no official browser supporting it and user needs to do the
configurations manually.

- Tor programmed in C which gives it the opportunity to run on small
resources like home routers. I2P is programmed in Java which needs
resources and cant be functioning well on very small resources.

Hope that answered your question :)

Eugen Leitl:
> I was curious for Monero dev's rationale to pick I2P over Tor, and then even forking I2P as Kovri.
> Whatever I've seen online doesn't strike me as particularly convincing.
> Is there published research in regards to deanonymization attacks against both Tor 
> and I2P, and given the design changes of Kovri, should we expect the attacks to be easier, or harder? 
> I realize that the answer would be likely we don't know, which is probably an answer in itself.
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