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Re: [tor-talk] WTF? [was Re: Why do you use Tor?]

Mirimir wrote:
> So hey, I just got this. Anyone else?

Mirimir, could you be a little more specific?  TMK I have not received
anything like that and I don't see anything like that in the previous
two messages on this thread.  (I didn't check headers).  When/how did
you receive that?

>> Turing Email
>> [image: BitBounce]
>> Hello! I use a new email filtering service called BitBounce to filter
>> my email. To deliver your email to my inbox, please click the link
>> below and pay the small cryptocurrency fee.
>> Thank you!
>> *$0.05* to deliver your email.
> I mean, isn't that rather a rude thing on mail lists?

Not only rude, but presumptuous.  Not everybody is even set up to pay
cryptocurrency.  Not to mention people who would balk at enriching
unknown persons for a dubious "service".

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